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Cross Fabrication

2 Seat Pair RZR Pro Xp, Turbo R, and Pro R Seat Lowering Base

2 Seat Pair RZR Pro Xp, Turbo R, and Pro R Seat Lowering Base

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All new RZR Pro Xp, Turbo R, and Pro R seat lowering bases. They are cnc cut from .187 inch steel and cnc bent ensuring perfect quality and fitment. They are gusseted with .125 inch steel to make sure they never bend or flex. We specially designed it to work with the factory quick release seat holder allowing you to take the seat out any time. 

Lowers the seat 2 inches and reclines it 4 degrees in the upright most position 

Disclaimer- Please read the entire description before ordering.

This seat base only works for 2 seat rzr pro xp, turbo r, and pro r for both the driver and passenger side. See our other listing for 4 seat options. 

You must cut out your factory seat base and cannot reinstall unless welded back in.
Two holes will need to be drilled per side.
You lose the quick adjust sliding option but still have 6 inches of adjustment that requires taking off nuts and bolts.
You lose 1/2 inch of leg room so your quick release can still function. 
We designed the seat base to work perfectly with the factory seat so we cannot guarantee that it works with any aftermarket seats due to clearances that may be different. We will begin testing as soon as possible! 

We try and have all seat bases shipped within 10 business days after ordering. 

Powder coat will add a significant lead time due to the process not being done in house. (Any where from 1-2 weeks on average) 

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